Sunday, March 3, 2013

Fun Styles on Short Sisterlocks and Locs

Fun Styles on Short Sisterlocks and Locs

By:  Lauren Francis-Jackson
 I love freestyling my sisterlocks, which means I am just getting up and going without manipulating my hair into a style.  As easy as that can be, I do like to switch it up and do a few styles per month!  Many women get hung up on the permanent status of locs and sisterlocks.  Yes it is a permanent way to wear your hair, however you can still do cute updos, fabulous curls, and pretty pin-ups!  Sisterlocks and locs do rock because short locs are not short on style!!   Here are a few styles that I have tried on my sisterlocks using water spritzing, and Taliah Waajid's Crinkles & Curls: 
This was a hairstyle I wore for my first meetup as The Sisterlocked Diva's Natural & Loving It In TheDMV meetup group.  I parted my locks with a deep side part and began flat twisting the left side.  Because I have a fuller face, I tend to do a bang with my updos.  I set the bang on large perm rods to give a swoop look.  Then, I flat twisted the right side.  I secured my twists with bobby pins. 
This was a Bantu Knot Out style for my photo shoot for my blog!  I seperated my locks into bigger sections to get more of a wavy look with the bantu knots.  It took about an hour to do the bantu knots and I secured the knots with a rubber band.  I let it air dry while I drove to get my makeup done by Sherry at the MAC counter at Macy's at The Mall at Prince George's.
I love the lock hawk style!  Here I parted my hair securing the mohawk with clips.  Then I flat twisted the sides in equal sections along the sisides.  The Mohawk was curled using peach perm rods and then dried under a hooded dryer.  This was a fabulous style that took me into 2013 and a few days beyond. 
I like Taliah Waajid's Crinkles & Curls for setting styles involving curls because it does not leave a flaky residue, and does not make my sisterlocks feel hard or stiff.  The great things about these styles is that they can also be done on loose natural hair as well!  So try one of these fun styles to spice up your locks when wanting to try a style!
~The Sisterlocked Diva

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